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Innovator Jeans

The jeans with cell phone radiation protection


In June 2018, we successfully raised EUR 12,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to develop an innovation. Our “Innovator” is the first jeans with cell phone radiation protection! Since 1. September 2018 the jeans are available in our online shop.

The Innovator jeans have special pockets for the mobile phone. In these bags, the phone is further away from the genital area. In addition, a special shielding fabric ensures that the radiation is reduced towards the body.

Following the motto “Save your sperms”, we developed a completely new pair of jeans. It is especially aimed at men who want to protect their sperm from cell phone radiation. In the “boyfriend style”, women can also benefit from the practical mobile phone pockets.

It looks like any other jeans on the outside, but the smart pockets hidden in the seam are not only practical but also protective. A special fabric from Switzerland makes it possible: A cotton blend with metal fibers reduces the radiation against the body by 95%.

Protect sperm from radiation

Various studies indicate that the quality of sperm may decrease if exposed to electromagnetic radiation for longer. The radiation of a mobile phone is very strong when it is directly on the body, and decreases exponentially with increasing distance.

In the Smart Pockets, the phone is further away from the testicles, so that the sperm are less exposed to radiation and heat. In addition, the phone can be worn comfortably, so that it does not interfere with sitting. In addition, the body-facing side of the Smart Pockets is equipped with a shielding fabric of the brand Swiss Shield, which greatly reduces the radiation. On the outside, the phone has normal reception.

More information about the effect of our Smart Pockets can be found here.

Sustainable materials and production

Our Innovator jeans are something special not only because of the smart pockets. To make the jeans, we use organic cotton and recycled materials. The jeans are made by Denimce, a certified ethical standards manufacturer in Istanbul.

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