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Test the market

In order to prepare the successful distribution of jeans, I developed various test sales campaigns. This allowed me to test how my jeans are accepted in the market. I received valuable feedback to make improvements.

After choosing Denimce as the manufacturer, I traveled to Istanbul again in late June 2017 to discuss the production of a test series. I ordered a model in two versions. When I received the samples from the manufacturer a short time later, I was convinced of the quality. It makes a big difference whether jeans are sewn by a normal tailor or by a specialized manufacturer.

I decided to have the model “business jeans” tested to verify several criteria at the same time: whether the cuts fit in the different sizes, whether the special smart pockets prove themselves, and how the jeans in terms of material and design are judged by the customers. The special thing about the business jeans is a red resp. white piping along the pockets, which is a distinctive feature. I wanted to find out how this design appeals to people and how these jeans can be advertised.

Online test campaigns with different keywords

First of all, I developed various online campaigns to test the criteria that best qualify my jeans: whether it’s the special style with the piping or the organic cotton, or whether it’s the special smart pockets or other criteria that are received as most appealing. For this I developed six different landing pages with different texts to which the respective Google AdWords campaigns linked. After a little more than a week, I had meaningful results.


One of the landing pages for the online test campaigns

Most search queries went for keywords like “stretch jeans” or “designer jeans”, but the competition is very big, so the click through rate was relatively low. It is not economically worthwhile for me to use such keywords in advertising campaigns. I got better click-through rates for more exclusive criteria like “jeans with cell phone radiation protection” or “organic jeans”. However, those criteria are searched less often. The online campaigns confirmed in general that it is advantageous for me to have special differentiation features that can be advertised.

Excerpt from the Google AdWords evaluation

Sales to test wearers

After that, I started selling the jeans to my friends at a discounted price, with the condition that they test the jeans and give me feedback. For this purpose, I developed an online form, through which my friends could submit their feedback in a structured format. From December 2017 to January 2018, I received about forty feedbacks that were extremely valuable and helpful.

Excerpt from the feedback results of the test wearers

Through the test wearers I received information to improve the design, cut, material and functionality of the jeans. I was amazed how well the jeans were already judged by the people. Also the special piping and the smart pockets were well received. But there were also numerous points that needed to be improved. For example, one of the cuts had deficiencies. The quality of the piping was still insufficient. The special smart pockets proved to be practical, but were too small for larger phones.

Utilization of the results

Based on the feedbacks, I was able to work out my entire collection. It includes twelve different models with different colors, washes, design elements and pocket designs. My focus has remained on getting clear differentiation from traditional jeans to be attractive for PR and advertising campaigns. I brought the product features in line with the brand values ​​and corporate design of TORLAND, which I had meanwhile worked out with two experts. For the brand appearance, it is extremely important that everything fits together.

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