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The development of a professional brand appearance

Various consultants help me lay the foundations for my brand. Over three months, an idea develops into a complete brand image.

In September 2017, I get in touch with Yossi Fisher, a brand consultant from New York. He is a proven expert in the fashion industry and has already advised many brands. I wanted to talk to him about building my new fashion label. After a long phone conversation, I was convinced that he was the right advisor for me. Shortly afterwards, we agreed on a consultation day, which we met in Milan.

Yossi explained to me what is important when I want to successfully position my jeans brand. One of the key insights for me was that I should think of the brand, not the product. So far, my focus has been on my products because I wanted to create something innovative and new. But that does not create a fashion brand. Much more important is that I first deal with the contents of my brand: What is it about, and what do I want to achieve? Which values ​​are important to me?

Brand values ​​as a basis

We basically started with Adam and Eve and worked our way through the three main questions: what, how and why. We let us inspire by images that fit my brand and values. After several hours of work, the picture became clearer and clearer: I got a concrete idea of ​​what I want to say with TORLAND, and which customers I want to address. At the end of the day I was very tired but extremely satisfied. We had laid the foundation for my new jeans brand.

In the following weeks, I built on it and worked out my brand identity. The pictures became adjectives, the adjectives became sentences, and the sentences became clear statements about my brand values.

TORLAND Culture and Values

The TORLAND values

From the colors and fonts …

Then it was about working out the visual appearance of my brand, the corporate design. I met with a former colleague, a marketing specialist. We talked about the possible color spectrum and the typeface for my brand. Ultimately, we chose red as the primary brand color, and two other complementary colors to underline the brand values.

Red stands for activity, dynamism, strength and courage, all qualities that I want to express with my brand. With indigo as a secondary color, on the one hand, I refer to the classic color of jeans, and on the other hand, this color stands for freedom, independence and a conscious lifestyle, other qualities that are important to me. Last but not least, we chose green as a complementary color, which stands for responsibility, support and togetherness.


The TORLAND colors

We chose the font for the logo so that it combines classic and modern. Because my goal is to develop jeans that have the proven classic look, but are supplemented by innovative features. The Google font “Spectral” that was newly created in 2017 was made for it: it is a mixture of serif and sans-serif. Voilà, the new TORLAND logo was born:

TORLAND Logo White on Red

… to the complete corporate design

Based on these visual elements, I created a complete Brand Guide via the 99designs platform. I was very happy with the result. The designer brought in very good ideas and developed some great templates for letters, business cards, posters, etc. An important feature she created is the red square. I soon realized that this symbol is a very good recognition feature.

I took the idea of the red square and began to use it in the products. The red square should appear on all products and labels as a feature. The jeans will also get a small red square embroidered.

Based on the colors, fonts and design elements, all marketing tools are developed, such as product brochures, posters, exhibition stand or website. This guarantees that the brand identity is of one piece and the brand values are communicated consistently.


Template for a poster

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